14/07/2018 — 8/09/2018

A Clown Walks Into A



A Clown Walks Into A Gallery… is a group exhibition that brings together five internationally recognised contemporary artists, whose works individually, and collectively, reference the act of performance, the role of disguise and the line between fiction and fact.


A Clown Walks Into A Gallery… features works by Janice Kerbel, Laura Lancaster, Philip Newcombe, Pilvi Takala and Ulla von Brandenburg.



Luke Stephenson | Helen Champion


Held in the collection of the Clowns’ Gallery-Museum and distributed across two sites in London and Somerset, is a group of over two hundred hand painted eggs. These eggs record the painted faces of members of Clowns International and act as a form of copyright register for Clowns.


In 2017, Luke Stephenson’s photographs of these eggs were published as The Clown Egg Register (Particular Books), alongside Helen Champion’s texts which give an insight into the lives of the clowns represented. Grundy Art Gallery is delighted to be presenting a selection of Luke’s photographs and Helen’s texts alongside examples of the 3D eggs that they feature.



Image: Charlie Cairoli: painted by Kate Stone ©. Photograph by Luke Stephenson ©.