20/01/2018 — 3/03/2018
Portfolio 1:
Prints from the Grundy
20/01/2018 — 3/03/2018
OPEN 2018
20/01/2018 — 3/03/2018
Blackpool Schools Exhibition 
20/01/2018 — 3/03/2018
Films from the ICA Artist Film
Club Programme
24/03/2018 — 14/04/2018
Adrian Pritchard
24/03/2018 — 23/06/2018
Roy Voss
The Way Things Are


Stretching through the Grundy’s two ground-floor gallery spaces, The Way Things Are is a sculpture, precisely and elegantly constructed in poplar wood that approximates to the form of a pier. Inspired by Victorian lithographs, contemporary architects’ drawings and the artist’s own recollections, The Way Things Are extends the artist’s interest in romantic longing; between desire and lived experience, between memory and fact.

Voss finds something simultaneously prosaic and profound about the British seaside pier. If the coastline is a boundary, a marker for the edge of ordinary experience, then the pier forms a space beyond this.

Temporarily taking up the mantle of Blackpool’s fourth pier, The Way Things Are draws our attention to this town’s built heritage and in particular to Blackpool’s three world-renowned piers. Adding extra significance to the presentation of this work in Blackpool this year is the fact that 2018 is the 200th anniversary of the birth of Eugenius Birch, North Pier’s designer. 


24/03/2018 — 23/06/2018
Roy Voss
All The World's A Sunny Day


Forming a 360-degree horizon around the walls of the gallery, All the World’s a Sunny Day comprises a series of collages made from found postcards, where a single word has been cut from the back and reinserted into the image on the front. The meanings of these words conflate with the postcard’s image describing something of it and characterising an emotional state.

Posted between the early 1960s and mid-1980s, the mass-produced postcards are now out of date and out of time. Sent both through a sense of duty, but also with love and a need to communicate and share, there is an intimacy in their brief, blue biro messages.


24/03/2018 — 23/06/2018
Neither Land Nor Sea:
Contemporary and Historical
representations of Blackpool’s

Bringing together contemporary and historical representations of Blackpool’s piers, Neither Land nor Sea, documents the enduring appeal of the architecture, atmosphere and activity of these Seaside structures.

Alongside paintings and photographic works from the Grundy’s Collection, a series of images by 19th Century, Blackpool-based photographer, Albert Eden, will also be exhibited. Printed from glass slides; part of Blackpool Council’s Heritage Collections, these images will be shown alongside a selection of work from photographers based in, or with links to Blackpool and the Fylde Coast, for whom Blackpool’s piers are a frequent subject.

Featuring works by; Albert Eden, H. Burrell, Joseph Conrad Morley, Thomas Huson, Simon Roberts, Linzi Cason, Karl Child, Yannick Dixon, Claire Griffiths, Dawn Mander, Jill Reidy, Richard Jon and Kate Yates.





Saturday 14 April, 3pm – 5pm

Neither Land nor Sea, Artists’ Talk

Saturday 9 June, (time tbc)
Blackpool North Pier, Tour and Talk

Saturday 16 June, 3pm – 5pm
The Social History of Blackpool’s Piers, an Illustrated Talk by Tony Sharkey

All events are FREE and will take place at the Grundy apart from the Blackpool North Pier, Tour and Talk. Please contact the Grundy or see our website for further information about any of these events


1/05/2018 — 5/05/2018
Allison Katz
8/05/2018 — 12/05/2018
Amy Stephens
15/05/2018 — 19/05/2018
Ruth Beale
22/05/2018 — 26/05/2018
Rebecca Birch
14/07/2018 — 8/09/2018
Claire Griffiths
#RetiredPerformers: The


#RetiredPerformers is a series of images and audio interviews being captured over 12 months by Blackpool-based photographer, Claire Griffiths.


Celebrating progress to date, The Interval is a snap-shot, mid-way through the project, of some of the stories she has gathered from the chauffeurs, dancers, performers and musicians who were active in Blackpool in, and prior to, the 1970’s.


14/07/2018 — 8/09/2018
A Celebration of Blackpool
Tower Circus


A collaboration between Blackpool Museum Project and the Grundy Art Gallery, this exhibition draws on the internationally significant Blackpool Tower Circus collection, to explore the acts, the clowns and the audiences of this iconic circus.

14/07/2018 — 8/09/2018
Sir Peter Blake
Life as a Circus


Sir Peter Blake’s, Life as a Circus comprises two sculptures that were originally commissioned by Blackpool Council and presented as part of The Great Promenade Show. This summer they will be presented at the Grundy Art Gallery for the first time.


14/07/2018 — 8/09/2018
Peter Lavery
Circus Works: 1968-2018


For the past 50 years, award-winning photographer Peter Lavery has been photographing circus performers around Britain.

Selected from the hundreds of photographs that make up this complete series, this exhibition highlights connections and links to Blackpool’s circus history and includes previously unseen work specially chosen for the presentation at Grundy Art Gallery.


14/07/2018 — 8/09/2018
A Clown Walks Into A Gallery...


A Clown Walks Into A Gallery… is a group exhibition that brings together five internationally recognised contemporary artists, whose works individually, and collectively, reference the act of performance, the role of disguise and the line between fiction and fact.


A Clown Walks Into A Gallery… features works by Janice Kerbel, Laura Lancaster, Philip Newcombe, Pilvi Takala and Ulla von Brandenburg.



Luke Stephenson | Helen Champion


Held in the collection of the Clowns’ Gallery-Museum and distributed across two sites in London and Somerset, is a group of over two hundred hand painted eggs. These eggs record the painted faces of members of Clowns International and act as a form of copyright register for Clowns.


In 2017, Luke Stephenson’s photographs of these eggs were published as The Clown Egg Register (Particular Books), alongside Helen Champion’s texts which give an insight into the lives of the clowns represented. Grundy Art Gallery is delighted to be presenting a selection of Luke’s photographs and Helen’s texts alongside examples of the 3D eggs that they feature.



Image: Charlie Cairoli: painted by Kate Stone ©. Photograph by Luke Stephenson ©. 


26/07/2018 — 26/07/2018
When We Talk ABout Work

‘Staging and Film Sets’
Thursday 26th July 4-6pm

Brunswick Room, Central Library, Blackpool. 
Booking required via Grundy Art Gallery Tel. 01253 478170 

The fifth event in the What We Talk About ... series of public discussions will explore artist's practices that work with film and installation, considering in particular how the sited staging of film works can facilitate nuanced encounters that both extend and inform a viewer's experience.


Speakers include filmmaker Chris Paul Daniels, Stockholm based academic and researcher Annika Wik and curators Poppy Bowers (Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester), Paulette Terry Brien (Grundy Art Gallery) and Will Rose (Pavilion, Leeds).


For the duration of the event the talks will be broadcast live on the homepage of

thisistomorrow. Following the discussions the broadcasts will be archived on thisistomorrow and the project website. 

What We Talk About When We Talk About Work is a programme of public discussions bringing together curators and artists working across the north of the UK with creative practitioners from different European cities. For further details on the participating speakers and future discussions please visit the project website.


What We Talk About When We Talk About Work has been developed by Laura Mansfield in collaboration with this is tomorrow, Contemporary Visual Arts Network North West, Yorkshire & Humberside Visual Arts Network, North East Contemporary Visual Arts Network and the participating venues of Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, NGCA Sunderland, Bluecoat, Grundy Art Gallery, The Tetley and The Whitworth.


Supported using public funding by Arts Council England


28/09/2018 — 15/12/2018
Grayson Perry
The Vanity of Small
28/09/2018 — 15/12/2018
Chris Paul Daniels
Northern Lights
28/09/2018 — 15/12/2018
Better and More Than Ever Before
Blackpool Illuminations