6/05/2017 — 6/05/2017

TORQUE: Manifestos for

Relearning to Read 

A symposium on new forms of reading

Sam Skinner, Untitled 2016

Courtesy: the artist.

Artist’s presentations, discussion and performance, bringing together contemporary practice around reading rooms, archives, digital texts, machine vision, and artificial intelligence.

In an era of digital media, reading is an activity where the frustrations and promises of technology meet, and at times overlap. The proliferation of textual forms, appearing as text message, email, status update, notification, muted television subtitle, even computer code, can produce an environment of undifferentiated informatic overload, where reading, by its incessant necessity becomes impossible. This is particularly relevant to Blackpool, a very textual town in terms of the frequency and scale of its advertising and signage.

Artists who work with text offer different ways to read. These approaches in turn might help us navigate the new textual landscapes we inhabit and how we might control what we read and how we read it.


Each speaker presents a unique vision and invites a range of adaptations and questions about how we might relearn to read.

PANEL DISCISSION 1: Reading Rooms and Thinking Archives


Nathan Jones, Anna Barham, Emily Speed, Nicolas Maleve

PANEL DISCUSSION 2: Reading Landscapes and Machine Visions

Ami Clarke, Sam Skinner, Tom Schofield