1/04/2017 — 13/05/2017

Re-learning to Read

Curated by Torque

Sam Skinner, Untitled, 2016

Courtesy: the artist.

Torque is an itinerant publisher, arts and curatorial platform founded in 2012 by artists Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner.

Involving interactive installations, videos, and a new text-based work for the stairwell, this exhibition asks how we might all relearn to read in an era of social media, emojis and speed reading apps. Visitors are invited to bring their own books or borrow books from the library to use on a "reading machine", developed in collaboration with artist/technologist Tom Schofield. This will combine scanners, screens and sculpture to create a radically new human-computer reading experience.

The exhibition also includes works by Erica Scourti, Anna Barham, Emily Speed and Nicholas Malevé and will involve hand-made flip books, VR-headset poems, and further digital artworks asking: what new forms can reading take and how can art augment and intervene in these processes?

Artists: Anna Barham, Nathan Jones, Nicholas Malevé, Erica Scourti, Tom Schofield, Sam Skinner, Emily Speed