2/07/2016 — 13/08/2016

Jenny Steele

An Architecture of Joy

Jenny Steele, 2016.

Courtesy of the artist.

An Architecture of Joy, an exhibition of new work by artist Jenny Steele, considers the legacy of inter-War ‘Seaside Moderne’ architecture, such as the Midland Hotel in Morecambe and Pleasure Beach Casino in Blackpool, built during the 1930s leisure boom in Britain. Turning the Grundy’s Rotunda Gallery into a stage-set of sorts, incorporating abstracted and repeated motifs drawn from the period, the artist revives the utopian optimism and restorative properties of seaside leisure.

During 2015, Jenny Steele researched into existing examples of Seaside Moderne architecture in the North West of England and Scotland by site visits, researching related documents and drawings in the RIBA and V&A archives, and conversations with local historians and inhabitants.