20/07/2016 — 20/07/2016

Film Club: Duncan Campbell

Duncan Campbell

Turner Prize-winner Duncan Campbell's early work Falls Burns Malone Fiddles (2004) is the subject of this screening. Campbell takes the Belfast Community Photographic Archives as his main source for documentary-like work which explores the gaps between fact and fiction.

Campbell utilises the tactile and sociological function of this archive material as a way to animate and reclassify the perceptions of young people and youth culture in Belfast during the Troubles of the 1970s and 1980s, as prescribed by the mainstream media at the time. Interweaving personal narrative, social-theoretical monologue and poetic verse in a rhythmic and enigmatic narration by Edinburgh born actor Ewen Bremner (Trainspotting). Campbell cultivates a profound sense of place and juncture with these images, diagrams and superimposed graph like symbols, bringing into question themes of representation, reportage and narrative construction.


Film Club

From May-July the Grundy is hosting regular monthly screenings of films made by leading artists. The Grundy has teamed up with the ICA in London as part of a national network to introduce audiences to artists’ film. Each screening will start at 5.30pm with an introduction by artist Chris Paul Daniels, and will be followed by a discussion, questions and refreshments. The programme is free to attend but booking is essential. Participants must be aged 18+.