25/05/2016 — 25/05/2016

Film Club: Rosa Barba

Subconscious Society, 2014, 35mm transferred to HD video, colour, sound, 40 min

Rosa Barba

Subconscious Society (2014) is about the end of the industrial era and transition to the digital age, in which computer code and the clone or copy are in the process of replacing material objects and analogue technology. In the film, this paradigm shift is represented in the form of a social community, whose protagonists make a final attempt at assigning and archiving objects from the past. It is set in a transitional realm where the past exists only as a reference to itself and the details of the present are not fully decipherable yet.


Film Club

From May-July the Grundy will be hosting regular monthly screenings of films made by leading artists. The Grundy has teamed up with the ICA in London as part of a national network to introduce audiences to artists’ film.

Each screening will start at 5.30pm with an introduction by artist Chris Paul Daniels, and will be followed by a discussion, questions and refreshments. programme is free but booking is essential. Participants must be aged 18+.