2/01/2015 — 31/01/2015

Kevin Hunt: Out of Sight    


With Park Community Academy and Mereside Primary


As part of Showzam! Showroom Schools Show Liverpool-based artist Kevin Hunt worked with pupils from Park Community Academy and Mereside School to make an exhibition within the exhibition.  Drawing on the theme of magic from the Showzam! festival the artist posed the question to the schoolchildren: ‘How can we make something disappear?’ 


Working together with Kevin, various artistic experiments or ‘tricks’ were conducted by the pupils looking at how this question might begin to be answered in the process of making an artwork. The schoolchildren tested an array of inventive and imaginative methods of making including; drawing with water, layering paintings and continually building and dismantling temporary large scale sculptures from ordinary everyday objects such as plant pots and Frisbees. In undertaking these ‘tricks’ the artworks began to appear and disappear, to be revealed and then concealed, over and over again.


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