29/04/2013 — 22/06/2013

Mike Marshall


Mike Marshall, Axis, 2013

Axis is the last of three sound installations by Mike Marshall commissioned by the Grundy Art Gallery and devised for the particular architecture of the Gallery’s Rotunda space.


This final installation is composed from field recordings made by Marshall of tropical forests in South East Asia. Cicadas, crickets and various bird calls have been combined to form a detailed soudscape that is apparently natural yet carefully constructed. The sound issues from speakers inserted into large sheets of compressed wood sterling board lent against each of the four gallery space walls.


Each bird and insect makes its own call to attract mates and demarcate territory, the sounds are repetative and rhythmic, the effect is hypnotic, lulling the senses. After a few minutes this forest reverie begins to increase in speed and rise steadily in pitch. As it accelerates towards the limit of human hearing it begins to transform into an airy rushing sound, with an accompanying lower harmonic tone, the sound begins to rotate around the space of the gallery, the rotation increasing in intensity then slowing down again and seperating back out as it returns to the familiar sound of a tropical forest

Axis will be exhibited at Grundy until 22 June 2013.

Axis is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.