23/03/2013 — 11/05/2013

Andrew McDonald

All That Comes Between Us

All That Comes Between Us is a comprehensive solo exhibition by Andrew McDonald and includes a number of new sculptures and hand drawn animations.

McDonald’s drawings of an alternate world where darkness has a hold and flashes of light illuminate absurd and horrifying happenings are both frighteningly complex and captivating in their simple narrative.

Just as all good horror films draw on the viewer’s expectation of what will unfold to build suspense, McDonald intersperses scenes of seemingly unobtrusive rooms amongst images of giant fingers, a pair of lifeless legs or a knife piercing a table.

In The Wonder Struck Witness no2, a new work made for the Grundy show, McDonald combines sculpture with animation. A cast plaster head smiles longingly at stars as they twinkle in the night sky, exploring the distance between aspiration and desires for what we want to be and what we really are.

A series of relief’s carry on the theme of fictional landscapes which McDonald has worked on for many years through drawing. As reliefs they elevate McDonald’s intense mark making to a space in-between drawing and sculpture.

Sculptures of banal houseplants continues a theme McDonald has explored through drawing. They set up a tension between representation and abstraction, while recognisable as the ubiquitous every green plant in the corner of a room they seem to have more in common with the language of modernist sculpture.

McDonald’s labour intensive process of creating thousands of drawings for one animation exposes the clichéd figure of a frantic and obsessive artist in a darkened studio, which is both imposed and manipulated simultaneously by the artist. There is an uncertainty as to which position he takes. Is he coming from this bleak and melancholic world or does he laugh and scream beside you?

His work is rooted in British Post War Modernism, with the immediacy of his scratchy marks conveying a physical and psychological sensation: a burning cigarette, lightning in the sky, an abandoned pair of legs, all expressing his existential understanding of the world.

McDonald is Manchester based and represented by The International 3, his work was featured in British Art Show 6, in 06/07.

This exhibition is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.