6/05/2006 — 10/06/2006

Lindsay Seers

I can't tell you

Lindsay Seers,'I can't tell you', installation Grundy Art Gallery

photo: Jonathan Lynch

Lindsay Seers’s work over the past ten years has evolved as an autobiographical narrative that relates her attempts to become a camera, her involvement in ventriloquism and her most recent attempts to become a projector. Seers has performed and made hundreds of images by using her own body as a camera, locating the photographic process inside her body to become an image receptor - her mouth cavity is the camera body and her lips the shutter and aperture. Photographs made in this way are red from the light that passes through the blood of her cheeks, framed by her teeth and blurred by her body.

Seers’s recent work explores the three main phases of her process (camera; ventriloquist; projector) in the form of documentary works and a bookwork. The DVD works draw inspiration from biographies made about artists for TV/cinema; these pieces feature a number of voices elucidating the theory and impulse behind the artist’s processes and their results.

A newly commissioned DVD work for Grundy, entitled 'Under the influence of Magicians', specifically draws on the ventriloquist phase of Seers’ work. The film plots the odd coincidences that connect the artist and her ventriloquist Aunty (Barbara Seers) to Cyril Critchlow (a Blackpool magician) and to the history of Blackpool’s entertainment industry. The work features Blackpool’s Grand Theatre and a ‘Midget Town’, which was a popular attraction before the outbreak of the war.

Seers’ work as a whole draws on photographic theory, recent developments in neuroscience, philosophy and literature to create Brechtian influenced stories that go beyond fact and fiction to create their own truths.

A Gasworks, London, touring exhibition in association with The City Gallery, Leicester and Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool.