12/08/2006 — 16/09/2006

Geoff Buono

Blackpool Beach

This exhibition included eight large-scale photographic prints from Geoff Buono’s series 'Blackpool Beach', a work produced over a two-year period during the resort’s summer season.

Twice a day Buono would set up his camera in the exact same location and position at the end of the South Pier and record the seascape that lay beyond.

Anticipating one grey day after another, Buono first conceived his series as square blocks of recurring fields of grey and brown split by the horizon, expressing the subtle qualities of light, air and water, dismissing the typical ‘romantic sunset’ images of the seaside.

From Buono’s repetitious and obsessive routine emerged a series of images featuring vivid blue skies and water, and golden-coloured beaches that were at odds with his, and the commonly accepted perception, of the British northwest seaside environment. It became apparent that there are not as many grey days as Buono first anticipated and he was frequently confronted with the romantic images that he had set out to dismiss.

Taken from the very edge of the pier, the work leaves us unsure of scale or perspective; at times we are detached from the scene beyond us, looking down upon the figures set against the broad horizontal bands of earth and water, whilst in others we are confronted by an expanse of water.

'Blackpool Beach' is essentially about the location in which it was produced, documenting its everyday human activities and its natural environment; the rigid gaze emphasizing the passing of time and the temporality of our existence, set against the infinite mass of air and water.