30/09/2006 — 11/11/2006

Yuji Watabe


Yuji Watabe, 'Mist', installation Grundy Art Gallery

photo: Jonathan Lynch

Yuji Watabe is a Japanese artist, based in Fukuoka. Having exhibited throughout Japan, his work was included in the Hayward Gallery, London exhibition Facts of Life: Contemporary Japanese Art, in 2001.

Watabe’s carefully produced figurative drawings are drawn directly onto the wall. Their strong linear qualities emphasize the contours of his subjects. They appear like memories of friends and locations projected from the imagination.

For this Grundy exhibition, Watabe recreated a work entitled 'Mist', a strong graphic and linear composition of a dense forest figuratively reproduced, but equally abstract. It was monumental in scale, filling the walls of Grundy’s largest exhibition space - 14 metres long, 7 metres wide, 4 metres high - surrounding its audience. Like Jordan McKenzie whose work was shown in the adjacent gallery spaces, Watabe deploys a technique that is clearly time-consuming and emphasizes temporality in general - the work destined to be embedded beneath layers of paint on the gallery walls.


Supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England