5/12/2015 — 5/03/2016

Civic Photography

Linzi Cason

Civic Photography brings together seven Blackpool and Fylde-based photographers, assembling a collective portrait of the town from residents and artists who live and work here.

The exhibition considers what it means to take 'civically-minded', or 'community-minded' photography. Some of the images relate specifically to social concerns and enterprises, such as Karl Child, who has sought to document blindness and its relationship to communities and the townscape, and Terry Hughes who is on permanent parole but who, with the mentorship of photographer Len Grant and under the auspices of Jobs, Friends and Houses, has spent a year developing a body of photographic work documenting a changing way of seeing.

Photographers: Linzi Cason, Karl Child, Claire Griffiths, Terry Hughes, Dawn Mander, Joseph Pegler and Jill Reidy

Image: Linzi Cason