5/05/2007 — 16/06/2007

Gereon Krebber and Reinhard


Gereon Krebber, installation Grundy Art Gallery

photo: Jonathan Lynch

Reinhard Wieczorek, installation Grundy Art Gallery

photo: Jonathan Lynch

London based artist Gereon Krebber has exhibited widely across Europe, since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2002. Krebber produces sculpture from familiar everyday materials, playfully exploring their inherent qualities through processes of manipulation; the final forms directed by this journey. The results are incredible ‘extraterrestrial’ objects, which often play upon deadpan humour.

Recent work includes 'Squeezed', 2004, produced from cling film, timber and balloons; its seven-metre structure obstructed the entrance of the gallery space, and protruded into the street. Krebber was awarded the Jerwood Sculpture Prize in 2003, and commissioned to produce 'Tin', 2004. Shaped like a conventional-looking tin with its top slightly askew, 'Tin' is monumental in size, challenging our preconceptions of scale and our curiosity of what could be stored inside.

For this Grundy exhibition, Krebber will produce site-specific work, in response to the gallery’s Edwardian architecture and features.


Reinhard Wieczorek’s paintings are explorative of the artist’s natural and urban environments. Their energised colour and expression depict subjects as diverse as natural landscapes, everyday incidents, industry, architectural structures, animals, and fictional characters. 

At times figuratively depicting specific structures, such as roads, or vistas such as valleys or day-trippers beside the sea, Wieczorek’s paintings also transcend their subject matter into exuberant washes of gestured painterly-surfaces and colour. 

Born and based in Bottrop, Wieczorek has exhibited extensively across Europe and in 1995 won the Cultural Award of the city of Bottrop. This will be the artist’s first UK exhibition and will include recent and new paintings and drawings.