31/10/2015 — 31/10/2015
the Lite Pool Dadaists Part 1, 2015
An artour (sic) devised by
Mike Chavez-Dawson & Co*

“Discovering notes, drawings and designs for an his and her conjoined illuminating tuxedo/lab jacket, Lucien & Lucy Bright pick up the Dadaist mantle passed down to them by their namesake parents…”

Five bells ping in neon as the five chambers at the Grundy Art Centre shines forth with illuminating propositions for Lucien & Lucy Bright, your art guides for one night only, they will take you on an insightful yet quasi-Dadaist illuminating art-tour of Sensory Systems; highlighting the thematic concerns and connections of the show and re-wiring it into Blackpool’s rich illumination history. This is the ninth artour (sic) project devised by critically acclaimed Manchester based art-curator Mike Chavez-Dawson and sees him collaborate with his wife Jane Chavez-Dawson, fashion & costume designer Tracey Cliffe and a host of actors.