26/08/2017 — 23/12/2017
Paper, Canvas, Neon

Paper, Canvas, Neon will bring together historic and contemporary artworks from the gallery’s eclectic collection.

These artworks - on paper, canvas and in neon - will chart the gallery’s collecting history from its earliest through to its most recent acquisitions.



26/08/2017 — 11/11/2017
Tahi Moore
Kim Wilde's Heart of Darkness

Tahi Moore has been described by critic Chris Sharp as ‘arguably New Zealand’s best kept secret’. An early collaborator with fellow countryman Simon Denny, his work involves sculpture and video to construct narratives involving associations which at first appear unconnected but taken as a whole invite a deep and fertile new imaginative realm.


The works retain a formal beauty, involving images of the landscape and through the composition of objects in the space. The associations and aspects of the films and sculptures function almost like a trail of clues for the viewer to construct and place together.

Kim Wilde’s Heart of Darkness is the artist’s first in the UK. It has come about through a partnership with the Royal Overseas League and Hospitalfield in Arbroath, Scotland, whereby an artist from a Commonwealth country undertakes a residency and then has an exhibition in the UK.