21/03/2015 — 6/04/2015

Rock & Pop: New Prints from

the Rock Factory


To coincide with the exhibition Pre-Pop to Post-human, Blackpool-based printmaker Robin Ross was invited to select a series of new works made in response to the Pop collages of Eduardo Paolozzi, whose work can be seen in the first room downstairs.

Rock and Pop features 13 new prints by artists based locally to Blackpool, all produced at The Rock Factory, a printmaking studio run by Ross in the centre of the town. 

Exhibited artists are: John Marc Allen, Paul Gibson, Paul Howard, Carlito Janito, Gareth Monger, Jennie Pickersgill, Rakim, Robin Ross and Sam Simpson.


Rock & Pop: New Prints from the Rock Factory is on display in the Rotunda Gallery.

6/03/2015 — 11/04/2015

Pre-Pop to Post-human

Collage in the digital age

A Hayward Touring Exhibitions from the Southbank Centre, London.


In 1952, Eduardo Paolozzi gave a groundbreaking presentation at the ICA, London, which used images collected and collaged from popular magazines. ‘BUNK’ (derived from Henry Ford’s famous declaration ‘History is bunk!’) heralded the beginning of what became Pop Art.

Taking these pre-Pop collages as a departure point this exhibition includes new prints by contemporary artists for whom the activity of digital manipulation, today’s equivalent of collage, has become second nature.

‘Pre-Pop to Post-Human: Collage in the Digital Age’ is an exhibition of 37 newly commissioned prints by fifteen young artists, shown alongside a selection of sixteen lithographs and screenprints from Paolozzi’s portfolio ‘BUNK’, created in 1972 from the original collages.

For ‘BUNK’, Paolozzi cut and pasted images from glossy magazines of curvaceous pin-ups alongside new robotics, high-tech prostheses, and wartime ammunition. Today, new technologies and the Internet have radically changed the ways in which artists can work, allowing images from popular culture to be seamlessly appropriated, mixed and layered in infinite combinations. Inspired by Paolozzi’s seminal collages, the artists in this exhibition create their own visions of the contemporary human condition in visually compelling and provocative images.


Using familiar iconography from video games, high street advertising slogans and popular magazines, these prints capture the fluidity of digital manipulation in various ways to create otherworldly landscapes, strange textures and surreal forms.

Artists include:
Pio Abad, Marie Angeletti, Helen Carmel Benigson, Gabriele Beveridge, Steve Bishop, Bryan Dooley, Adham Faramawy, Anthea Hamilton, Nicholas Hatfull, Eloise Hawser, Jack Lavender, Harry Meadows, Berry Patten, Peles Empire, Samara Scott

6/03/2015 — 11/04/2015


A Century of Works Purchased with the Contemporary

Art Society

Artists include:


Craigie Aitchison, Ruth Claxton, Peter Blake, Gilbert and George, Brian Griffiths, Francis Hoyland, Helen Marten, Haroon Mirza, Heather Phillipson, Pablo Picasso, Eric Ravilious, Julian Trevelyan


This exhibition exhibits for the first time all the works purchased for the Grundy collection with the Contemporary Art Society (CAS). CAS was founded in 1912, whilst the Grundy opened in 1911 and there are records of the two organisations working together that span the twentieth century and continue to the present day.


This will be an opportunity for visitors to see first hand some of the treasures that have been acquired over years including works by Picasso, Julian Trevelyan, Craigie Aitcheson and Gilbert and George.


Also brought together for the first time will be all of the works recently purchased jointly with four other galleries in the North West; the Whitworth Art Gallery, the Manchester Art Gallery, The Walker Art Gallery and the Victoria Gallery. Artists Brian Griffiths, Haroon Mirza and Helen Marten will all be on display, alongside recent purchases by Heather Phillipson.


Admission to the exhibition is FREE.