13/02/2016 — 22/04/2016

Beyond the Frame Part 1

Collection display

Paul Nash, Sanctuary Wood, 1917

Collection Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool

Beyond the Frame is a two-part exhibition involving the Grundy's collection.
Part One of Beyond the Frame includes a condensed history of the Grundy collection as well as a presentation of the ways in which we care for and preserve the Gallery’s permanent collection. Visitors will be able to see a significant chalk drawing by celebrated British Modernist Paul Nash, which was gifted to the Grundy through the Contemporary Art Society in 1924 and was last exhibited in the 1970s, and has been left in a drawer unseen for the last 40 years.


The drawing was made as part of a series he produced whilst recuperating from injuries sustained in the First World War front, and was amongst a key series which led to Nash being appointed War Artist. Other works in the series are owned by national collections including the Tate and the Imperial War Museum.

The re-discovery was made recent work to catalogue and document for the collection for a new database, and visitors can see the work, newly framed, alongside other works from key periods in the Grundy’s collection, including paintings by Dame Laura Knight and Henry Scott Tuke, as well as recent additions of contemporary works by Ben Cain and a light-box work by Ian Whittlesea.
Part Two of the exhibition involves a presentation of work by young people from Blackpool who have taken paintings from the Grundy collection as starting points for new storytelling and portraiture.


2016: Year of Collections
Throughout 2016 Grundy Art Gallery is undertaking a year of activity exploring its permanent collection. During the course of the year the Gallery is working with contemporary artists to create new work in response to the collection; upgrading the gallery’s environmental controls and making repairs to the store; developing the collection through new acquisitions; and working with young people to interpret items from the collection in new ways.

The gallery is looking to raise £5,000 towards the restoration of artworks from the collection, so that they can be viewed as part of a special exhibition in 2017. If you would like to donate then please contact the welcome desk at the gallery.

5/12/2015 — 20/02/2016

Civic Photography

Linzi Cason

Civic Photography brings together seven Blackpool and Fylde-based photographers, assembling a collective portrait of the town from residents and artists who live and work here.

The exhibition considers what it means to take 'civically-minded', or 'community-minded' photography. Some of the images relate specifically to social concerns and enterprises, such as Karl Child, who has sought to document blindness and its relationship to communities and the townscape, and Terry Hughes who is on permanent parole but who, with the mentorship of photographer Len Grant and under the auspices of Jobs, Friends and Houses, has spent a year developing a body of photographic work documenting a changing way of seeing.

Photographers: Linzi Cason, Karl Child, Claire Griffiths, Terry Hughes, Dawn Mander, Joseph Pegler and Jill Reidy

Image: Linzi Cason

13/02/2016 — 22/04/2016

Beyond the Frame Part 2

Schools Exhibition 

Beyond the Frame poster

Image by Georgia Stashkiw

Beyond the Frame is a two-part exhibition involving the Grundy's collection, and forms part of a year of exhibitions exploring our collections.
Whilst Part One tells a brief history of the collection and how we care for it, Part Two displays paintings and drawings made by pupils at six schools from the Fylde Coast, each developed from seeing 6 works in the Grundy collection. The schoolchildren were invited to create a story around the images they saw and then create new images from those stories, and responding to the original. The images were then scanned and these have been re-printed and arranged around the room to form a complete installation involving the original paintings.

The schools involved are Boundary Primary, Blackpool Sixth Form College, Devonshire Road Primary, Park and St John Vianney Primary and over 130 students have taken part throughout the process, contributing artwork, stories and poems which they have developed in response to the paintings exhibited alongside them.

Five lucky individuals have been selected to have their work enlarged and ten published in a set of postcards which you can purchase in the gallery shop with the proceeds raising money towards the preservation and conservation of collection artworks.



For the duration of the exhibition our two side galleries will temporarily house works from our permanent collection whilst the store undergoes essential refurbishment. Two portholes have been cut into the doors to these spaces so that visitors can see staff undertaking work that normally takes place behind the scenes including conservation, documentation and cataloguing of the works for a new improved collections database.